Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Music concerts for the deaf!

This weekend I was privileged enough to be part of an extremely worthwhile project at the Scottish Storytelling Centre in Edinburgh (which was a fantastic location). Zack A. Moir has written an hour long musical, which has been specially composed to suit cochlear implant recipients. As part of the hour long show, I was asked to help by making 10, 30 second animation videos.

The musical, entitled 'Deacon', told the story of one of Edinburgh's most infamous criminals, Deacon Brodie. The whole project was a great success and hopefully it will find further life by way of more performances in the near future.

I have included the first animation, and my favorite out of the ten. It is an after effects animation, in which I have explored 3d layers. I think the technique works but it would be great to have some feedback. The subtitles are there because of the nature of the audience. It has been compressed also, so quality has suffered a little. I think Adobe after effects is such a powerful tool, and I am keen to learn more!

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